How to scale privacy compliance: Start with your software

Learn how software controls data flows and how scanning code unlocks full data visibility and governance

  • July 18,  8 AM Pacific • 11 AM Eastern • 5 PM CET

Software is the primary source of all privacy risk because software controls how personal data is collected, used, shared, and stored. In today’s tech-driven world where most companies employ software engineers, the software moving personal data through websites, user-facing applications, and backend systems is typically developed internally.

This means the logic behind a company’s data flows often lives entirely in their software’s codebase. By scanning that codebase, a complete and real-time data map can be generated that identifies privacy risks even before sensitive data is collected, stored, shared, or used improperly. 

Join Vaibhav Antil, Co-Founder of, as he explains how code scanning can enable your organization to proactively identify data flows and mitigate privacy risk while creating efficiencies for privacy and engineering teams.

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Attend this webinar to learn how:

  • Software controls personal data in your company

  • Scanning data in storage creates blindspots, risks, and inefficiencies
  • Scanning software’s code generates full data visibility and privacy governance at scale


Vaibhav Antil

Vaibhav Antil

CEO and Co-Founder at