Operationalizing Technical Privacy Reviews

  • December 7,  8 AM Pacific • 11 AM Eastern • 4 PM London

Technical privacy reviews have been adopted by innovative organizations as a means to address data privacy gaps left open by traditional legal privacy reviews.

While necessary, legal privacy reviews have become insufficient for protecting companies and their customers. Their timing and scope put privacy teams between a rock and a hard place, where they must choose between slowing down innovation or allowing privacy debt to grow. Enter, the technical privacy review. 

Save Your Seat

Join Nishant Bhajaria, Author of 'Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers,' and a panel of privacy experts for the second talk of a two-part series focused on Technical Privacy Reviews.

This session will focus on operationalizing technical privacy reviews and dive into the staffing, processes, and organizational alignment for successfully building and scaling privacy engineering driven reviews.

  • Best practices for implementing and scaling technical privacy reviews
  • How collaboration between technical privacy specialists, software engineers and product managers works
  • Frameworks for integrating technical privacy reviews into the innovation pipeline


nishant bhajaria

Nishant Bhajaria

Author of 'Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers'


Alejo Grigera Sutro

Sr. Staff Privacy Engineer, 1Password


Mira Olson

Staff Privacy Architect, Uber

The Rise of the Privacy Engineer

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